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It’s as if two or more bags isn’t enough, Givenchy’s Fall 2016 Seasonal Bag Collection will then catch your attention before you even manage to say No. Let’s talk about these two particular bags that has caught our attention.

First off is this lovely Small Cross Body Bag with ‘Givenchy Paris’ debossed on its fine and smooth black leather. We like the simplicity and exquisiteness of this shoulder bag. Its plain design isn’t washed out entirely because the debossed logo made it a complete standout. That’s what we want in a bag: simple yet has a signature statement.


Another one that is on our list is this Chain Wallet in Smooth Leather with Metal Crosses. Yes, definitely a style stunner, this chain wallet is perfect for those sweet yet swift errands that you have to attend to during the weekends since you need not be stashing a lot of things inside your wallet on chain bag. And oh, this also goes pretty great for that certified punk look especially when you go to metal/rock concerts with your equally cool girlfriends.
















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Chanel’s bag collection keeps getting bigger and better each year. For the Pre-fall 2016 Collection, Chanel is reintroducing its famous signature shopping bag in CC 31, Rue, Cambon, Paris.

Wait, is that an address in a Chanel bag? Uh-huh. It actually features the address of the Chanel Boutique located in Paris near the Place de la Concorde. The shopping bags come in ultra cute feminine colors: light pink and off white.

The brand Chanel and its famous CC logo together with the address 31 Rue Cambon Paris are embossed on the front of the bag. Made of pure genuine leather, these bags come in handy as you go mall shopping and hopping from one place to another. They especially come in handy whenever you do unlimited shopping in the streets of Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh and Kuala Lumpur to name a few.

We are craving for the adjustable chained shoulder straps. One need not worry that the bag might feel heavy when you stash your goodies since this signature shopping bag is actually lightweight to the feel.

No style code, sizes and prices available yet.


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Coach Debuts New Collection With Disney, Featuring Mickey Mouse Bags, Accessories and More

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Which Discontinued Bag Do You Wish Would Make a Comeback?

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It’s time to say goodbye to the Mulberry Alexa Bag. The design, which has been around since 2010 and inspired quite a frenzy upon its debut, is coming to the end of its lifespan as part of the changes being made to the brand’s accessories strategy under new designer Johnny Coca.

A lot of people will miss the Alexa, including the dozens who are currently paying tribute to it and plotting their last Alexa acquisitions on our PurseForum. Even if you’re not an Alexa fan, you can probably relate to the feeling.

Product churn is part of fashion; a very, very tiny number of bag designs even make it to the six-year mark like the Alexa, and far fewer continue in perpetuity like the Chanel Classic Flap or Louis Vuitton Speedy. That means that, somewhere along the line, most bag lovers have seen one of their favorites go by the wayside.

Do you have a bag that you miss in particular? Let us know in the comments, and if you’re looking to get your hands on a last-minute Alexa, there are still a couple in stock at Mulberry’s website, on sale for $1,232.

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Oh my goodness, Chanel has just launched the Pre-Fall 2016 Collection aka Paris in Rome 2016 Metiers D’Art Collection. Now here’s the thing about this release – we love Paris and Rome, and now those two cultures have been melted together. These bags are keepers!

There are many options and new designs including our favorite Chanel Seasonal Flap Bags. We’ve just one more thing to say: ‘Get your creditcard ready!’.


Chanel Trapezio Flap Bag
Style code: A93443
Size: 7.1’ x 11.4’ x 5.9’ inches
Price: Sheepskin; $3400 USD, €3300 euro, £2620 GBP

Looking for a ladylike Chanel Quilted Flap Bag, but want something distinctive this time? Well, don’t look further, you have just found. And so, all the elements you’re looking for in a Chanel bag is packed in here – front flap with CC logo, Quilted, with structured interior and a long leather strap in case you want to carry it on your shoulder.

But there is more, this Chanel Bag is crafted with a trapezoid shape unlike the Chanel Classic Flap Bag. This shape is so-in right now because it looks modern and feminine.

And if you have always loved the Boy Bags, then check out the big boy chains in gold metal hardware. Isn’t a beauty? The luxurious will shine while you’re slinging all the way to the high street shopping mall.


Chanel Coco Curve Flap Bag
Style code: A93461
Size: 5.5’ x 9.8’ x 3’ inches
Price: Calfskin; $3300 USD, €3350 euro, £2660 GBP


Chanel Kiss Lock Bag
Style code: A93453
Size: 7.1’ x 8.3’ x 2.8’ inches
Price: Lambskin; $3300 USD, €3250 euro, £2580 GBP

One more bag that needs your attention. Please meet the Chanel Kiss Lock Bag – an unique accessory for day and night (actually the perfect evening bag). The bag has a squared shape, but it’s entirely quilted. While it opens and closes like a clutch bag, the size is actually much larger. It can store much more than your evening essentials.

The name must be inspired by the Chanel Timeless Clutch Bag (it has the same kiss lock), which is an iconic bag. But this seems to be the shoulder bag version as it comes with a chain strap.

READ: Chanel Timeless Clutch Bag


Chanel Small On My Shoulder Drawstring Bag
Style code: A91271
Size: 11.6’ x 10.2’ x 5.1’ inches
Price: Calfskin; $4300 USD, €4200 euro, £3340 GBP


Chanel Large On My Shoulder Drawstring Bag
Style code: A91272
Size: 13.2’ x 11.8’ x 7.5’ inches
Price: Calfskin; $4700 USD, €4600 euro, £3660 GBP
Chanel Small On My Shoulder Drawstring Bag
Style code: A91271
Size: 11.6’ x 10.2’ x 5.1’ inches
Price: Velvet; $4000 USD, €4600 euro, £3100 GBP


Chanel Small Chevron Chain Buckle Drawstring Bag
Style code: A91273
Size: 7.9’ x 8.5’ x 5.3’ inches
Price: $3200 USD, €3100 euro, £2470 GBP


Chanel Small Chevron Chain Buckle Drawstring Bag
Style code: A91273
Size: 7.9’ x 8.5’ x 5.3’ inches
Price: $3200 USD, €3100 euro, £2470 GBP


Chanel Large Quilted Drawstring Bag
Style code: A93474
Size: 10.2’ x 17.3’ x 5.5’ inches
Price: Calfskin; $4900 USD, €4820 euro, £3840 GBP


Chanel Quilted Drawstring Bag with Gold Metal Plate
Style code: A93494
Size: 11.8’ x 10.6’ x 5.1’ inches
Price: Calfskin; $3900 USD, €3800 euro, £3020 GBP


Chanel Coco Curve Vanity Case Bag
Style code: A93463
Size: 5.5’ x 7.5’ x 3.1’ inches
Price: Calfskin; $3000 USD, €2900 euro, £2310 GBP


Chanel Small Coco Curve Flap Bag
Style code: A93460
Size: 5.5’ x 8.3’ x 2.8’ inches
Price: Calfskin; $3000 USD, €2960 euro, £2350 GBP


Chanel Small Trapezio Flap Bag
Style code: A93442
Size: 6.3’ x 9.4’ x 4.3’ inches
Price: Sheepskin; $3000 USD, €2900 euro, £2310 GBP


Chanel Velvet Clutch Bag
Style code: A91250
Size: 6.3’ x 10’ x 1.8’ inches
Price: $3900 USD, €3790 euro, £3020 GBP


Chanel Kiss Lock Bag in Tweed
Style code: A93453
Size: 7.1’ x 8.3’ x 2.8’ inches
Price: Tweed; $3300 USD, €3150 euro, £2510 GBP


Chanel Large Kiss Lock Bag
Style code: A93454
Size: 7.5’ x 11’ x 3.1’ inches
Price: Lambskin; $3500 USD, €3350 euro, £2660 GBP


Chanel Kiss Lock Bag in Python
Style code: A93457
Size: 7.1’ x 10.6’ x 3.1’ inches
Price: $6400 USD, €6280 euro, £5000 GBP


Chanel Retro Donna Bowling Bag
Style code: A98720
Size: 7.9’ x 10.6’ x 5.1’ inches
Price: Orylag/Calfskin; $5300 USD, €5180 euro, £4120 GBP


Chanel Large Retro Donna Bowling Bag
Style code: A98722
Size: 13.4’ x 12.6’ x 5.5’ inches
Price: Python; $6300 USD, €6300 euro, £5020 GBP


Chanel Python Drawstring Bag
Style code: A93479
Size: 9.8’ x 13.8’ x 3.9’ inches
Price: Unknown


Chanel Lizard Kiss Lock Bag
Style code: A93456
Size: 7.1’ x 8.3’ x 2.8’ inches
Price: Unknown


Chanel Python Kiss Lock Minaudiere Bag
Style code: A93455
Size: 6.7’ x 4.3’ x 3.1’ inches
Price: $4100 USD, €4050 euro, £3220 GBP


Chanel Python Kiss Lock Minaudiere Bag
Style code: A93455
Size: 6.7’ x 4.3’ x 3.1’ inches
Price: $4100 USD, €4050 euro, £3220 GBP


Chanel Film Projector Buonasera Minaudiere Bag
Style code: A94635
Size: 7.1’ x 6.3’ x 2.4’ inches
Price: $13000 USD


Chanel Perfume Bottel Buonasera Minaudiere Bag
Style code: A94637
Size: 7.9’ x 4.7’ x 1.8’ inches
Price: $8500 USD


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PurseForum Roundup – June 3

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Welcome to June, bag lovers, and thank you for joining us for June’s first PurseForum Roundup. This week, we took some time to look at shoes and then went on to visit Céline, Coach and more. We are happy you joined us this week to see what we found!


June is traditionally the month for weddings, so we thought we would kick it off with this wonderful shot from Jourai, who selected patent Valentino Rockstuds for her recent wedding. The Rockstud is one of the most popular shoes on the market at the moment, so it’s no wonder the Show Us Your Valentino Rockstudsthread always tops the charts in Shoes Shoes Shoes. If you are a fan of the Rockstud, or thinking of making your first purchase, do check into the Valentino Shoes subforum to read up on this hot style.

If you are curious about Valentino’s other shoe offerings, we have you covered in this thread, and of course our reference library has all you need to know (including great pricing intel) to shop for your favoriteValentino style.


Speaking of shoes, we have plenty of other shoes in The Glass Slipper. We found these splendid Hangisis belonging to shopjulynn in the Manolo Blahnik thread, and there are plenty more fabulous Manolos where these came from!


In Céline, the latest purchases thread always has the most recent bags our members have added to their collections. This Mini Luggage comes to us from jackosabel, and you can find more bags and shoes in this thread, including this sweet white Box Bag from purplelinlin. 


Speaking of the lovely Céline Box, yinnie shared her new Box in gorgeous dark brick – a stunning color on a super stylish bag. To see how our members style their Célines, the Your Céline in Action thread is a must-see. One of our favorite bags is the Celine Trio, and we have a thread dedicated to this handy bag right here. Be sure to check out this lavender beauty from sexyladyy–it’s perfect for any season!


If you read here, you know that we adore small leather goods (SLGs), and we found a bevy of them inCoach this week. This sweet little batch comes to us from a thread on the Skinny Tote; clever member morewineplease picked these along with her new bag, pictured here.


In the Your New Coach thread, we spotted this yummy saddle leather Crosby Carryall from GlamourLove. This thread has lots of the latest offerings from Coach, along with pre-loved and vintage finds as well. We think you will enjoy having a look at what’s new.


Ms Baggins shared her amazing Nomad in the Which Coach Bag are You Carrying Today thread, and it’s too pretty not to share with you guys. We love this rapid-fire look at our members’ bags.


We wandered over to The Beauty Bar and found some nice goodies in the Recent Beauty Purchases thread: loveydovey35 went to town at La Mer, and this purchase comes to us with some rave reviews, too. We also have an incredibly extensive Nail Care subforum, chock full of swatches, reviews and nail care tips. You can also find everything you need for your makeup needs in the Make-Up subforum, where we also have huge threads dedicated to Chanel, Dior, Urban Decay and more.


Remember, there are also dozens of non-fashion areas to visit at the PurseForum. This week, the Game of Thrones thread in Television and Cinema has been busy with the latest from those crazy kids in the Seven Kingdoms. Our members are also keeping up with all the Housewives in the franchise, and Dallas is a particularly hot topic this week. Also in The Playground, you can check in on current events in Up to the Minute, which often has some lively discussions and debate. This week’s photo is from the Random Picture thread, another favorite place to visit, particularly if you are a fan of randomness. (Thanks for the tulip fields, south Tampa).

We hope this Roundup of bags and more has kicked your June off to a fashionably good start. Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead. We will be back next week with more from the PurseForum. See you then!

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